VØICES is a research project initiated by the experimental vocalist and composer, thea soti. she invites creative artists to work together in form of mini-residencies and establish performances around the human voice: exploring space, movement and composition, integrating installative and performative arts, composed and improvised material.

the first edition of VØICES took place in august 2018, featuring three copenhagen-based vocalists and further special guest performers. every afternoon, the same piece was presented, but with always different setup, different performative ideas and musicians.

the main topic of the performance was "modern magnetism"
magnetism as attraction and special relationship
magnetism as natural force
magnetism as personal polarities

mini-residency took place between 28-30 august in st. augustine´s church in copenhagen.
"i wish i knew more, how magnets work (smiles). well, i am also fascinated by this attraction that magnets create, it can be to humans, nature or basically to anything, a kind of music you are attracted to.
i also belive that magenitsm is exposed to timing. this music couldn´t have happened a day earlier or with other spacing, it all happens at the right moment, right place, like as when thea and ma met. this was a moment like that too"
"what comes to my mind first is of course the polarities, the pushind and pulling. and then the safety net..."
"i think magnets create excitement in people. when magnets work it is always the feeling of something new, like the beginning of some other connection"
Zola Mennenöh (vocals + electronics)
Ignacio Nacho Córdoba (electronics)
Johanna Sulkunen (vocals)
Jonas Engel (saxophone)
Lo Ersare (vocals + electronics)
Jon Sensmeier (saxophone + electronics)
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